Collabora and Impressions and INdT and Maemo and Mamona and OpenEmbedded04 Aug 2010 01:38 pm

For the very first time the Linux Foundation is organizing the Linuxcon Brazil. It will happen on August 31th and Seeptember 01 in São Paulo city at WTC.

I’m already confirmed to do a presentation in Portuguese-br: A Maturidade do Linux no Mercado dos Celulares e de Serviços: Rumo ao Domínio!

I was also invited by Klaus Kiwi to participate of a mini-sumit to discuss about Linux development as a professional activity, which I’m not sure if it is already confirmed.

Helio Castro will  be there as well doing a presentation about Meego!

Ok ok, maybe you don’t want to hear what we have to tell there, but what about listen to Linus Torvalds at this keynote ;)

I’m pretty sure that there will be other good presentations and talks over there.

See you there?

Collabora and Impressions and INdT and Maemo and Mamona and OpenEmbedded15 Feb 2010 03:20 am

“MeeGo is an open source, Linux project which brings together the Moblin project, headed up by Intel, and Maemo, by Nokia, into a single open source activity.”

Ari Jaaksi has written a very informative announcement. Read it.

Some Highlights:

  • “The development and integration will be open, too. Everybody can invest in MeeGo and participate. It is a genuine open source project.” (Ari Jaaksi)

So, I hope to see the build system open also…

INdT and Maemo and OpenEmbedded04 Feb 2009 05:17 am

It is coming…

I’ve already posted last year’s video:

I don’t think that you wanna miss it this year.

As always, it will be an amazing conference with great people presenting their projects in a paradisaical place. Besides you will have the oportunity to talk and share experience with great minds ;)

Btw the programme is out:

Enjoy it!

INdT and Maemo and Mamona and OpenEmbedded12 Sep 2008 10:43 am

It has passed a while since my last post here, but nothing better than great news to get back to write.

I’m so proud to announce the Mamona 0.2 release.

The entire team has been doing a great job spending efforts to make it usable and stable, providing new installer scripts and new packages; supporting new machines; writing a better documentation and many other features.

Please, read the complete feature list at Mamona 0.2 Release Notes.

INdT and Mamona and OpenEmbedded07 Oct 2007 04:56 am

It has been passed a while since my last post, and now I’m writing to answer some questions about it and to tell you were I am right now.

We intend to release the 0.1 version next Mounth. At this first version Mamona won’t be compatible with Nokia’s ITOS neither have Hildon or Matchbox. However they are on our plans.

Mamona doesn’t have binary compatibility with Maemo yet because we were thinking ahead, and hoping that when we have our first stable release, Maemo would be catching up on us in terms of package and toolchain versions. By taking a look at Chinook Beta, we can notice that Maemo is almost there. So, Maemo and Mamona will have very similar
packages at some point in a not so distant future.

At this first release we will have a Enlightenment window manager with a keyboard and my dream is to release with the Gustavo’s Keyboard but we will try the Matchbox-keyboard and others to see which one fits better.

  •  What am I doing?

I’m in Berlin attending OEDEM 2007. I’ll write about it latter…

INdT and Mamona and OpenEmbedded24 Jul 2007 02:25 pm

I’m pleased to announce that we already have the source code of base packages available under mamona’s repository (

Finally I could code a bbclass to OpenEmbedded to generate all files that are necessary to add the source to a deb repository:

* .dsc – debian source package control file
* .orig.tar.gz – Original source package
* .diff.gz – patches that we apply
* .changes – changes file

The sourcedsc.bbclass that generates these files is not under the OE repository yet. It is under evaluation by OE team. But it is available under OE bugtrack
or under our svn:

Impressions and INdT and OpenEmbedded29 Jun 2007 02:19 pm

Expect is a tool for automating interactive applications. Last year I suffered  trying to code some scripts using a pure expect language. I remember too that in that opportunity I used some pexpect (python module to automating interactive applications).

What I didn’t remember was how easy is to use the pexpect one.

It is amazing!

At pexpect home page you can see how easy it is. But I want to add my case as a new example:
import pexpect
child = pexpect.spawn(“dh_make -e %s -f %s” %
(“MAINTAINER”, d, 1) or
child.expect(‘Hit to confirm:’)

This is part of a code that I’m coding to make OpenEmbedded have full deb/dsc generation.