April 2007

INdT and Mamona12 Apr 2007 10:48 am

Mamona distribution is officially under OpenEmbedded repository!As soon as possible we will publish instructions how to use OE to build your own deb package. It is really very easy.

You’ll see …

INdT and Mamona10 Apr 2007 01:34 pm

We are proud to announce that our first (and non-official) beta public repository is already available at http://osmtc.indt.org/projects/mamona
It is just a repository with deb packages built using OpenEmbedded.

At this first public version all that you can do is try the debootstrap script installation and the chroot running all over qemu.

For us this first version is very important because it was a proof of concept that we can use OpenEmbedded to easily build .deb packages and setup it in our repository.

Unfortunately for a common user it is not useful yet, but you can try to install and see how easy and modular it is.

So, Try It !