June 2007

Impressions and INdT and OpenEmbedded29 Jun 2007 02:19 pm

Expect is a tool for automating interactive applications. Last year I suffered  trying to code some scripts using a pure expect language. I remember too that in that opportunity I used some pexpect (python module to automating interactive applications).

What I didn’t remember was how easy is to use the pexpect one.

It is amazing!

At pexpect home page you can see how easy it is. But I want to add my case as a new example:
import pexpect
child = pexpect.spawn(“dh_make -e %s -f %s” %
(bb.data.getVar(“MAINTAINER”, d, 1) or
child.expect(‘Hit to confirm:’)

This is part of a code that I’m coding to make OpenEmbedded have full deb/dsc generation.

Impressions29 Jun 2007 10:24 am

This afternoon I was using google to search about work related stuffs and I was not getting good results. Then I decided to try yahoo because I remembered a post of Frederico saying that in some cases the yahoo’s search is beating google’s one.
The first thing that I noticed was both search interfaces are identical. But I’m not writing to accuse anyone. I’m writing to talk about yahoo email interface, so let’s go back to the history.

After a frustrated search, since I couldn’t find what I was looking for anyway, I decided to verify my yahoo mail. I can’t even remember when was the last time that I did it. I just have this account for that lists that didn’t migrate to googlegroups yet.
When logged in, it appeared a page asking if I want to test the new yahoo email interface and I accepted that. Actually it was released last year, but I haven’t tried it yet.
So I accepted to be a beta tester and saw an amazing environment that is a mix of my igoogle with google reader, gtalk, small calendar and email in a beautiful interface. But this was just the first impression.

The first thing that I tried was the option menu and for my surprise I saw an “under construction” message at least in “account”, “filter”, “pop & forwarding” options. This was the message:

” Pardon our appearance during construction
We’re still tweaking the Yahoo! Mail Beta POP & Forwarding option. Temporarily you’ll need to access it through the original Yahoo! Mail interface. But, rest assured, any changes made will take effect once you’ve reloaded the Yahoo! Mail Beta.”

OK, it is a beta interface but I never saw it in google beta stuffs, mainly after about 8 Months opened to public use.

Another thing that disappointed me was that I couldn’t use the chat interface. It seems that it is not working under linux “yet”. I could neither to include a blog rss in the reader part. And the window that appeared to include the rss has broken when trying moving it.

Next year I’ll try it again to see if Yahoo has solved this problems. Now I need to go back to my work that is not related to this email interface but it is late too…

INdT and Mamona20 Jun 2007 05:18 pm

Building Mamona

This file is a presentation that I’ve made to show to my team how BitBake / OpenEmbedded works to build Mamona packages.

I believe that it make easy to understand how OpenEmbedded is organized and how BitBake works.

I made this presentation usgin latex-beamer. The code is available under our svn.

INdT and Security20 Jun 2007 04:48 pm

I’ve created a new gpg key and finally exported my public one to a public server:

GPG: 0x905BE242 @ wwwkeys.pgp.net