It has been passed a while since my last post, and now I’m writing to answer some questions about it and to tell you were I am right now.

We intend to release the 0.1 version next Mounth. At this first version Mamona won’t be compatible with Nokia’s ITOS neither have Hildon or Matchbox. However they are on our plans.

Mamona doesn’t have binary compatibility with Maemo yet because we were thinking ahead, and hoping that when we have our first stable release, Maemo would be catching up on us in terms of package and toolchain versions. By taking a look at Chinook Beta, we can notice that Maemo is almost there. So, Maemo and Mamona will have very similar
packages at some point in a not so distant future.

At this first release we will have a Enlightenment window manager with a keyboard and my dream is to release with the Gustavo’s Keyboard but we will try the Matchbox-keyboard and others to see which one fits better.

  •  What am I doing?

I’m in Berlin attending OEDEM 2007. I’ll write about it latter…