November 2007

Mamona15 Nov 2007 04:32 pm


I’m proud to announce that Mamona 0.1 has been released.

You can run the Mamona linux distribution 0.1 on your Nokia Internet Tablet (N800 or N810) or use it as a SDK in your PC running emulated over qemu.

Current Features

In this first release we have:

  • Glibc – 2.5
  • Gcc – 4.1.2
  • Full Python 2.5 support
  • Enlightenment Window Manager
  • USB Networking – As mainly input method.
  • Bluetooth support
  • Wireless – Open and WEP support only
  • Noemu Packages
  • ARM EABI Version 5 and QEMU (user mode emulation) 0.9.0 for Mamona SDK

You can check for other features under Mamona 0.1 – Package List.

You can run it on:

What’s planned?

Next release is planned to have:

  • Mamona SDK for Maemo (Chinook Compatible)
  • Full ARM EABI Version 6 support
  • Wireless with WPA Support
  • Usefull virtual keyboard and more applications for E-wm


Thanks to everybody who helped making this release possible.

Bug reports, as always, should go to Mamona’s Trac; check out for links to posting and querying bug reports for Mamona.

INdT14 Nov 2007 09:43 pm

Giving sequence to it’s universities cooperation program, INdT is going to make more two Tech Days. The first one on november 20th and 21th at Sociesc in Joinville, SC – Brasil, and the second one on november 26th and 27th at UFAM in Manaus, AM – Brasil.


Click the image to more information about Joinville’s Tech Day.

INdT team (Openbossa Lab) will present:

  • Python for Maemo;
  • QEMU for Kernel Linux development;
  • Application development with mozilla;
  • Developing microb extensions;

INdT is offering too (for free!!!) a twelve hours duration course on developing for Maemo Platform.

Enjoy it!

As soon as possible I’ll post more information about Manaus one.