February 2008

INdT and Mamona15 Feb 2008 12:35 pm


This video shows the screen rotation on a Nokia N800. We have here an Enlightenment running on Mamona distro where each navigation button is associated with an xrandr command, e.g. LEFT: xrandr -o left.

I’ve implemented the xrandr support to Xomap (1.3.99) and the LCD controller rotation support on Linux-omap kernel. It is a very fast rotation since its made directly by the Epson LCD controller. The X is responsible to deal with mouse events and to change the resolution.

Lauro and Aloisio helped me with the Linux-omap patch that was already accept and applied to linux omap git tree.

Download patches:


Mamona15 Feb 2008 08:47 am

It has  been passed a long time since I promised a post about my dual boot menu.

So here it is:

dual boot menu on N800

I took this picture of my N800 that has Mamona on its flash and Nokia ITOS2007 (I used “Maemo” for simplicity) on a memory card.

I bet that your questions are: “How did you do it?” What have you done with kernel and initfs?”

Initfs: Unfortunately Mamona needs Nokia’s initfs to work properly (watchdog, wireless module, etc). But our initfs is obviously modified to have this boot menu. I took the idea and the binaries to get the input from Maemo wiki page.

Kernel: At this moment I’m using the 2.6.18-omap1 of Nokia ITOS2007 and flashing every time that I need a different kernel for Mamona :( .

There are some ideas to have different kernel versions on the same device, but I haven’t try none of them yet.

The first and stupid idea is to maintain them on /boot of rootfs and on initfs move (using dd) one of them to the kernel partition. The smarter one is to change the boot loader, but unfortunately we can’t do this one.