March 2008

Impressions and INdT13 Mar 2008 09:42 pm

Marcelo has recently posted a Canola portrait test video on his blog.

The most impressive thing it that almost of Canola fits on rotated screen without any extra efforts by Canola team. These guys are doing a great work and I believe that as soon as possible they will release full support for vertical screens.

You can test it installing Canola and following Jott instructions to install xrandr and Xomap screen rotation support.

Have fun.

Impressions and INdT13 Mar 2008 09:29 pm

It is great when you can contribute to others work. It is amazing to have access to the code, read and improve it.

But it is amazing when you see that there are other people improving your own work.

Jott has improved my Linux patch for Xomap Rotation and created an applet to make our lives easy when rotating. Take a look at his install instructions.

I hadn’t published my compiled kernel and .deb packages for chinook yet because I found a bug when switch screen on after automatically switch off, but Jott’s patch has fixed it. :)

Thank’s Jott.