August 2009

Impressions29 Aug 2009 09:48 am


GVT is definitely coming to Recife: I took this photo here in my street (Mamanguape – here in Recife) this morning when they were installing this optical cable.

For those that don’t know: Here in Recife, the fastest internet is provided by Oi (1 Mb)… No, I’m not kidding: 1 (one) Mb only.

This week we were talking about GVT and someone asked: “how much does GVT 1Mb plan cost?” Everybody else start laughing because GVT has plans from 3Mb to 100Mb.

We,ll have fast internet in Recife, finally.

Impressions and INdT20 Aug 2009 05:32 am

I’m from Platform team and I’m not working directly with Qt here at INdT, but it is amazing to see other people here engaged with Qt and doing an amazing work:

Recently, Qt Labs Americas was created. It is an openBossa initiative aiming the growth of local Qt and KDE communities all over America, starting in Brazil.

It was cool to see our Python team working hard on PySide which is a project that provides LGPL-licensed Python bindings for the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework.

Congratulations guys.