June 2014

Intel30 Jun 2014 08:55 am

The 2014Q2 highlights are: Broadwell support, Baytrail improvements and many improvements and optimizations on power saving features.

The support for graphics and media acceleration is now fully functional and was validated on 5th Generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® HD Graphics (Broadwell).

There are fixes and new features on all components of the stack as detailed below.

Components of this stack are:

Linux Kernel – 3.15
Mesa – 10.2.2
xf86-video-intel – 2.99.911
Libdrm – 2.4.54
Libva – 1.3.1
vaapi intel-driver – 1.3.2
Cairo – 1.12.16
Xserver Xorg – 1.15.1
Intel-gpu-tools – 1.7
For more details read the full release notes: https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/2014/2014q2-intel-graphics-stack-release
Intel09 Jun 2014 06:05 pm

Here goes a new i-g-t quarterly release with the following changes:

- Piles of API documentation for the core i-g-t testing libraries.

- Improved igt loggin, now also with igt_vlog (for va_args printf-style

- Polish for the igt_debugfs library.

- Split out igt_fb library from igt_kms, cleanup of the igt_kms functions.

- Android porting patches (Tim Gore, Tvrtko Ursulin).

- Piles more tests as usual.

- Support for building libcairo based tests on Android. Set ANDROID_HAS_CAIRO=1
in the build enviroment when you have this (Tim Gore).

- Timeout support in igt_aux, see igt_set_timeout (Thomas).

- Documentation for the testrunner interface like exit codes, subtest
enumeration and log output. Should help other people to run the tests in their
own framework.

- Make swig an optional dependency (Damien).

- Helpers for runtime pm tests in igt_aux.

Full list of changes:

Adrian Negreanu (1):
fix out-of-tree builds

Ander Conselvan de Oliveira (1):
test: Add test for checking if page flip changes tiling

Antti Koskipaa (9):
kms_cursor_crc: Remove some test cases and change cursor to color
kms_cursor_crc: Move cursor enable and disable calls where they belong
kms_cursor_crc: Use a function pointer to call test
kms_cursor_crc: Separate onscreen and offscreen tests
kms_cursor_crc: Add reference software rendering
kms_cursor_crc: Add moving cursor test
kms_cursor_crc: Add random cursor placement test
kms_cursor_crc: Add background picture
kms_cursor_crc: Test cursor size change ioctl

Ben Widawsky (6):
quick_dump: gen8 private PAT
intel_gtt: Dump the whole GTT
Revert “gen8 rendercpy: temporarily disable”
gem_wait_render_timeout: use igt_assert_cmpint
quick_dump: Fix the danvet fallout.
quick_dump: Put the cairo cflags with the other cflags.

Brad Volkin (8):
tests: Add a test for the command parser
tests/gem_exec_parse: Add tests for rejected commands
tests/gem_exec_parse: Add tests for register whitelist
tests/gem_exec_parse: Add tests for bitmask checks
tests/gem_exec_parse: Test for batches w/o MI_BATCH_BUFFER_END
tests/gem_exec_parse: Test a command crossing a page boundary
tests/gem_exec_parse: Test for OACONTROL tracking
tests/gen7_forcewake_mt: Don’t set the GGTT bit in SRM command

Chris Wilson (26):
gem_tiled_swapping: Limit to available memory
intel-gpu-overlay: Update debugfs path for min/max frequency
gem_tiled_swapping: Purge all page/swap caches first
gem_tiled_swapping: Test using all available fences
Add gem_render_copy_redux
Reset errno to 0 after success
errno is reset after each syscall
overlay: Use new i915_frequency_info in fallback code
overlay: Parse /proc/interrupts in lieu of debugfs/i915_gem_interrupt
gem_alive: A utility to see if the driver or GPU has hung
igt/gem_lut_handle: Fix errno checking
igt/gem_render_tiled_blits: Speed up by using the GPU to detile
Add gem_bad_reloc
gem_bad_reloc: Add subtest for LUT-based execbuffers
gem_exec_lut_handle: Do a warm up pass before timing
igt/gem_bad_reloc: Restrict negative reloc tests to IVB+
igt/gem_ringfill: Only check for rendercopy when testing render ring
igt/gem_bad_reloc: Refine for limited kernel w/a
igt/gem_userptr_blits: Fix up last minute API changes
Factor in kernel object overhead when checking available memory for tests
igt/gem_evict_everything: Move assertion
igt/gem_evict_everything: Compute number of surfaces to saturate the aperture
lib: Add debug to memory limits checks
igt/gem_evict_alignment: Remove obsolete skip on gen8+
igt/gem_evict_alignment: Fix the memory limits checking
igt/gem_evict_alignment: Fix the memory limits checking

Damien Lespiau (3):
build: Define enable_gtk_doc when the m4 macro is missing
rendercopy/gen8: Remove a hole in struct gen8_blend_state
build: Don’t fail if SWIG isn’t found

Daniel Vetter (126):
docs: Exclude debug.xml
lib: remove hw context #defines
lib/intel_batchbuffer: Remove BATCH_LOCALS
lib: api docs for intel_batchbuffer
tests/prime_nv_tests: fix copied buffer size
lib: switch intel_copy_bo to directly take a size
NEWS: post-release blurb and mention api doc work
lib/igt_kms: rip out custom verbose loggin support
lib: add igt_vlog to print varargs
test/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Fix up igt_kms conversion breakage
tests/pm_rps: ducttape for igt fork helper cleanup issues
tests/pm_rps: simplify load helper setup
tests/pm_rps: load harder
lib/igt_core: document the caveats of magic code blocks
tests/pm_rps: use igt_assert_cmpint
tests/pm_rps: wait longer for idling
lib: extract igt_open_forcewake_handle
lib/igt_core: add printf attribute to igt_vlog
tests/drv_suspend: new forcewake subtest
tests: update .gitignoe
lib/igt_debugfs: implement a singleton igt_debugfs_t instance
lib/igt_debugfs: Remove debugfs from igt_debugfs_open
lib/igt_debugfs: Remove debugfs from igt_debugfs_fopen
lib/igt_debugfs: Remove debugfs from pipe crc functions
lib/igt_debugfs: Remove igt_debugfs_init
lib/igt_debugfs: s/igt_pipe_crc_check/igt_require_pipe_crc/
lib/igt_core: Small api doc fix
lib/igt_core: Document library design best practices
tests/kms_cursor_crc: Review from Imre for Sagar’s patch
lib: allow igt_skip_on_simulation outside of fixtures.
tests/kms_cursor_crc: Fix up breakage
lib: rename intel_pci.c to intel_chipset.c
lib: consolidate chipset helpers in intel_chipset.[hc]
lib/intel_chipset: intel_ prefix for pch global
lib/intel_chipset: api docs
lib: make rendercopy.h an internal header
lib: make media_fill.h an internal header
lib/intel_batchbuffer: un-inline buf_height/width
lib/intel_batchbuffer: igt_ namespace for the buffer structure
lib/intel_batchbuffer: igt_ prefix for rendercopy/mediafill funcs
lib/intel_batchbuffer: drop cpu_mapping from igt_buf
lib/intel_batchbuffer: api documentation for render copy/media fill
lib: Move non-register things out of intel-gpu-tools.h
tests|lib: remove assert.h includes
lib: add #include “foo.h” lines like in manpages
lib: remove uncessary #includes from headers
lib: more unecessary header removal
lib: unnecessary header removal for drmtest.h, part 1
lib: unnecessary header removal for drmtest.h, part 2
lib: rename intel_gpu_tools.h to intel_io.h
lib/intel_io: rename mmio setup functions
lib/intel_io: api documentation
lib: s/drmtest_dumb_aub/igt_aub_dump_enabled/
lib: extract igt_aux.[hc]
lib/igt_aux: api documentation
lib: s/igt_env_set/igt_check_boolean_env_var
lib: Use @include tag for include files
lib/drmtest: api documentation
lib/intel_batchbuffer: document header dependencies
tests/pm_rps: fixup the blt copy load helper changes
tests/gem_exec_parse: fixups for the recent massive refactoring
README: document quirks for regenerating gtk-doc
lib/igt_core: fix igt_skip_on_simulation regression
lib/igt_aux: Lost doc polish hunk.
lib: remove kmstest_create_fb
lib/igt_kms: s/kmstest_create_fb2/kmstest_create_fb/
lib/igt_kms: make kmstest_get_cairo_surface static
gitignore: Add logfiles from make check
lib: extract igt_fb library
lib/igt_fb: switch to igt_ prefix from kmstest_
lib: fold igt_display into igt_kms
lib/igt_kms/bf: doc skeleton
lib/igt_fb: drop kmstest_ prefix from static functions
lib/igt_fb: setup font in igt_get_cairo_ctx
lib/igt_fb: api documentation
tests/pm_rps: quiescent harder
tests/pm_rps: Add a new testcase to provoke the “stuck at max” bug
tools/quick_dump: re-apply ducttape
README: update piglit cmd
tools/quick_dump: Fix make distcheck
tests/gem_cmd_parse: restrict to gen7
lib/kmstest: Fix up tiled buffer creation
tests/kms_flip_tiling: Fixes
tests: Add gem_exec_params
tests/gem_exec_params: Fix rel-constants-invalid subtest
test/gem_userptr_*: Fix compile fail
test: Fixup for the previous patch
tests/gem_exec_params: One more invalid ring tests
NEWS: Updates
tests: Fix make depencies for test list
lib: extract kmstest_set_connector_dpms
tests/pm_pc8: subtests for runtime pm for dpms
NEWS: Android has libcairo support now!
lib/igt_core: Document testrunner interface a bit
lib/igt_core: Fix type on igt_log doc
tests: sprinkle igt logging
tests: Use igt macros more
tests/gem_seqno_wrap: Replace control flow with asserts
tests/prime_nv_api: Use asserts instead of control flow
tests/prime_nv_pcopy: Use asserts in nv_bo_alloc
tests/prime_nv_pcopy: Use asserts in setup code
tests/prime_nv_pcopy: Drop return values from copy/check functions
tests/prime_nv_pcopy: Drop return values from tests
tests/prime_nv_pcopy: Remove unused tiling tests
tests/kms_flip: Use asserts
lib/igt_core: Fixup docs with symbolic exit codes
tests/kms_flip: Fix vblank ts check
lib/igt_aux: Extract runtime pm helpers from pm_pc8
tests/kms_flip: nasty power management tests
tests/gem_reg_read: Fix errno check
tests/kms_render: don’t loop through modes
tests/pm_pc8: Use igt_assert_cmpint
tests/pm_pc8 -> pm_rpm rename
tests/kms_sink_crc_basic: Put into righ Makefile target
Revert “store_dw_loop: make loops smaller”
tests/kms_flip: Add vblank vs. gpu hang testcase
tests/kms_flip: various improvements
Revert “Revert “store_dw_loop: make loops smaller”"
tests/kms_sink_crc_basic: skip properly
tests/kms_sink_crc_basic: Use igt_assert
tests/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Add suspend tests
tests/kms_pipe_crc_basic: Add gpu hang tests
NEWS: Updates …
NEWS: Don’t forget the runtime pm helpers!
NEWS: Fix spelling a bit
lib/igt_debugfs: Fix spelling docs

Imre Deak (16):
tests/pm_pc8: skip the test if runtime PM is disabled
testdisplay: fix restoring termio at exit
pm_pc8: add system-suspend subtest
igt/intel_iosf: rename IOSF sideband opcodes according to the spec
igt/quickdump: vlv: dump FLISDSI regs too
quick_dump: make autodetect the default option
quick_dump: fix typo breaking dpio reg dumps
quick_dump: allow passing display base as the third argument
quick_dump: vlv: clean up dsi (mipi) registers
quick_dump: chv: add dsi (mipi) registers
quick_dump: chv: add misc gen7 GT registers
quick_dump: vlv: add missing display registers
quick_dump: vlv: add missing dpio phy registers
quick_dump: vlv: move flisdsi register group to its logical place
quick_dump: vlv: remove redundant base file specifications
quick_dump: increase reg name column width

Jani Nikula (1):
intel_bios_reader: make edp block decode match kernel

Jesse Barnes (4):
testdisplay: make termio unbuffered
intel_infoframes: add VLV support
intel_infoframes: remove bogus “being transmitted” check from VLV
store_dw_loop: make loops smaller

Kenneth Graunke (1):
rendercopy/gen8: Also emit 3DSTATE_WM_DEPTH_STENCIL.

Mengdong Lin (1):
intel_audio_dump: fix CTS/M value index

Mika Kuoppala (13):
tests/gem_reset_stats: run non hw context tests also on older gens
lib/intel_batchbuffer fix OUT_RELOC doc tag
lib/rendercopy: fix alloc len for gen7_bind_buf
tests/gem_reset_stats: end hanging batch properly
lib: add igt_get_stop_rings and igt_set_stop_rings
tests: use lib igt_[get|set]_stop_rings()
lib/drmtest: don’t dup quiescent fd
tests/gem_reset_stats: check gpu state before each subtest
tests/gem_reset_stats: fix length check in inject_hang
tests/gem_flink_race,prime_self_import: fix object counts
tests/drv_hangman: Convert test from shell script to c
tests/drv_hangman: Add subtest for error state capture/dump
tools/null_state_gen: generate null render state

Oscar Mateo (2):
lib/igt_fb: igt_create_fb_with_bo_size
tests/kms_flip: test a fb backed by a bo too big/small for its own good

Paulo Zanoni (3):
tests/pm_pc8: add missing newline
tests/pm_pc8: skip tests when no screens are connected
tools/intel_reg_dumper: use haswell_debug_regs on BDW too

Rodrigo Vivi (10):
tests/gem_wait_render_timeout: Use XY_COLOR_BLT instead of COLOR_BLT.
tests/gem_wait_render_timeout: Fix for BDW
tests/gem_gtt_hog: Use XY_COLOR_BLT instead of COLOR_BLT.
tests/gem_gtt_hog: Fix for BDW
tests/gem_bad_reloc: Adding missing include.
tests/kms_sink_crc_basic: Basic test to verify Sink CRC debugfs.
quick_dump: Fix vlv file names on Makefile.am
null_state_gen: Fix Makefile.am for make distcheck
Fix make distclean by fixing includes of version.h
bump version to 1.7 and add the release date

Sagar Kamble (1):
kms_cursor_crc: Enabling this test for all cursor sizes

Thomas Wood (4):
tests: create files that list the available tests
lib: add igt_set_timeout
lib: set a timeout when reading crc values
lib: add exit status defines

Tim Gore (7):
intel-gpu-tools: Build tests needing cairo if ANDROID_HAS_CAIRO=1
intel-gpu-tools: Move igt tests to intel validation area
intel-gpu-tools: Skip kms_fence_pin_leak if no cairo
intel-gpu-tools: Skip kms_mmio_vs_cs_flip if no cairo
intel-gpu-tools: re-enable gem_exec_params on Android
intel-gpu-tools: remove testdisplay.h from kms_render.c
intel-gpu-tools: move kms_fence_pin_leak to single test list

Tvrtko Ursulin (6):
tests: Skip building kms_flip_tiling on Android
tests: Extract ALIGN macro into a common header
benchmarks: Build them on Android.
tests/gem_userptr_blits: Expanded userptr test cases
tests/gem_vmap_blits: Remove obsolete test case
tests/gem_userptr_benchmark: Benchmarking userptr surfaces and impact

Ville Syrjälä (27):
tests: Compile all the tests
lib: Fix assert failure in ring stop code
lib: Fix potential out of bounds access in ring stop code
kms_cursor_crc: Simplify the pipe_crc mess
kms_cursor_crc: Wrap cursor fb creating into igt_fixture
kms_cursor_crc: Allow the test to run without cursor cap support
kms_cursor_crc: Replace snprintf()+%s with just %d
kms_cursor_crc: Wrap igt_require() in igt_fixture
kms_cursor_crc: Fix the test on platforms where the pipe->port mapping has restrictions
tests/gem_stress: Fix rendercopy vs. keep_gpu_busy on gen6+
Add Cherryview PCI IDs
tests/kms_fbc_crc: Allow the subtests to pass even if some planes aren’t FBC capable
tests/kms_fbc_crc: Check context support earlier
tests/kms_fbc_crc: Simplify pipe_crc mess
tests/kms_fbc_crc: Switch to using the igt_display stuff
tests/kms_fbc_crc: Reset display state between subtests
tests/kms_fbc_crc: Use igt_create_color_fb()
tests/kms_fence_pin_leak: Exercise full ppgtt fence pin_count leak in the kernel
tests/kms_mmio_vs_cs_flip: Add a test case to exercise mmio vs. CS flip races
tests/kms_flip: Make flip-vs-panning-vs-hang change DSPSURF
quick_dump: pass register offsets as int
lib/intel_iosf: add second phy support
quick_dump: add support for accessing the dpio phy 2 registers
quick_dump: chv: add detection support
quick_dump: chv: add display registers
quick_dump: chv: add full dpio phy dumps
tests/kms_flip: Move EBUSY to a new busy-flip subtest

Wendy Wang (1):
Add rc6_residency_counter subtest

Xiang, Haihao (2):
assembler: switch the order of swizzle and regtype to match the BNF of the assembly
assembler: distinguish the channel of .z from the condition of .z

Zhao Yakui (2):
tests: Add one ring sync case based on multi drm_fd to test ring semaphore sync under multi BSD rings
tests/gem_dummy_reloc_loop: Add one subtest based on multi drm_fd to test CPU<->GPU sync under multi BSD rings

tgore (3):
intel-gpu-tools: fix problem with redefinition of mmap64
intel-gpu-tools: fix some include path problems on android builds
intel-gpu-tools: avoid include of cairo.h on Android builds

git tag: intel-gpu-tools-1.7


MD5: 680b95fd4f73f2d3b9004d2a2fb57f77 intel-gpu-tools-1.7.tar.bz2
SHA1: 7cfd82e2a197ff26c0371ea5c7a62ac644ce45f3 intel-gpu-tools-1.7.tar.bz2
SHA256: 22612343bbd9b518b9f92a983555dbbcae8040ee577a38277dbf873c8900207a intel-gpu-tools-1.7.tar.bz2


MD5: 4a0c5fd5838d70edefff2955dc3f9dff intel-gpu-tools-1.7.tar.gz
SHA1: b2facbc3dfb1374b8a442541da56935c00247240 intel-gpu-tools-1.7.tar.gz
SHA256: 5f2122e493b90942c4fb6c7343e532f3d0ef5653591d913d39757903c81df837 intel-gpu-tools-1.7.tar.gz