INdT and Mamona15 Mar 2007 11:22 am

This is the project that I’m working on at INdT. During the bossa conference we officially opened this project with a EPx’s speech. [Click here, to download the presentation].

The objective of Mamona Project is to offer a completely open source alternative/experimental SDK package and flash image generation process for the Maemo Platform based in sandbox techniques other than Scratchbox.

The starting point for Mamona is to have a “healthy” Linux distribution in which it can be built on. This system was built following the Cross-Compiled Linux From Scratch – Sysroot for ARM, but using the toolchain from CodeSourcery to have an armv5 implementation. We already have also some shell scripts to automate this build.

This environment is already stable to compile packages to arm v5 architecture running as a chroot system all over a qemu user mode emulation.

So you can ask me, why armv5 instead of v6 since N800 use the arm v6 specification? but the answer is simple: Because qemu does not support armv6 yet because legal restrictions. Actually qemu has already implemented the version 6 and 7 but unfortunately they cannot distribute it (I’ll write more about it in another post in future).
Our team is working with qemu too, building a stable package with a lot of community patches that fix some bugs and, of course, coding some patches too. As soon as possible I’ll write more about it.
We will let all work that we are doing available as open source as soon as possible. Please be patience…

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