INdT and Mamona19 Mar 2007 04:27 am

Since mamona must have an arm chroot environment running all over qemu, we must have a stable and robust qemu.

So, our team is doing a good job to accomplish this mission:

- Osvaldo (aCiDBaSe) is packing qemu with a lot of community’s patches

- Lauro has coded a patch to fix qemu, that was accepted by qemu maintainers. qemu cvs log message:

“ARM register index+writeback fix (Lauro Ramos Venancio)”.

But unfortunately qemu just support armv4 and armv5, but not armv6 and armv7. Actually Paul Brook from codesourcery has already implemented the version 6 and version 7 support for qemu but he cannot release because ARM restrictions:

I really hope that ARM realize that developers need this open to code to ARM based devices like N800.

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