Impressions and Intel09 Mar 2012 12:25 am

I was going to start this post with a yet another “back to blogging” phrase, but this is already becoming a cliche here, so I’ m starting just telling that I’m not doing any promises at this time and also telling what to not to expect here since this is the first post after I’ve joined Intel’s Linux Graphics Team .

  • Don’ t expect regular posts.
  • Don’ t expect Intel’s Linux Graphics Status and Updates. Eugeni is already doing this job very well on his blog.
  • Don’ t expect Intel’s news
  • Don’ t expect Performance Status or Benchmarks. Phoronix already does it vey well.

So, to finish this “first” post I’d like just to mention that the new front page’s picture is just a part of our new OTC-BR lab!

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