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Now on, I’ll try to write more here about news from our gfx land. Some news listed here might not be so new to you, but I just came back from a 20 days vacations and I’m still jumping back.

Intel 2012Q4 gfx stack released.

Highlights of this release: New features: basic 2D and 3D Haswell support with all the PCI IDs, ValleyView support, OpenGL support for Haswell, hardware accelerated video decoding, and encoding for Haswell. Since the last release, there were major improvements and bug fixes in all the areas of our drivers.

HSW is already in a good shape right now on  drm-intel-nightly branch from our official development tree maintained by Daniel Vetter at: and it is being pushed upstream landing in 3.8 to be released early next year.

There are more stuff besides HSW going on on the kernel side. Daniel Vetter has written a good post about new stuff comming to 3.8.

We also had a Internal Kernel Summit activity in London, before my vacation were we defined tasks for next year and created a rotating Bug Team responsible for take special attention to all bugs filed on kernel and freedesktop bugzilla agains drm/i915. The intention is to avoid having bugs there not updated for a long time and the reports are already been sent to mailing list.

On  2D side my highlights go to

- XWayland updated to work with Wayland 1.0 by Daniel Stone

- Added missing gtf modes  allowing games to use low mode trough panel fitter to upscaling to fill screen in a better shape.

- SNA Performance. Benchmark by Phoronix.

On  3D side, Intel devs are working on OpenGL ES3, and just merged ETC2 texture compression, as already described at this Phoronix post. Phoronix also perform benchmarks at Mesa 9.0 x Mesa 9.1.

On  Media side, I’ll just paste updates from Gwenole Beauchesne:

* libva-intel-driver 1.0.19 released on 09.Nov.2012

- Add support for Haswell (decode, encode)

- Add support for raw DRM, e.g. display-less pipelines

- Additional bug fixes for improved stability

* gstreamer-vaapi 0.4.1 released on 27.Nov.2012. Major new features include:

- Add support for H.264 interlaced streams

- Fix memory leak in MPEG-2 decoder for empty user-data packets

- Fix H.264 decoder with MMCO-based reference picture marking process

- Fix decoders to honour end-of-stream messages (i.e. flush pending contents)

- Fix pixel-aspect-ratio reported to downstream elements

Requirements for supporting Wayland 1.0/x:

- libva from git master (1.1.1.pre1)

- libva-intel-driver from git master (1.0.20.pre1)

- gstreamer-vaapi 0.4.1


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