Intel08 Dec 2012 09:20 am


Kernel: Linux 3.6.5 release
3D driver: mesa 9.0.1 release
2D driver: xf86-video-intel 2.20.12 release
Libdrm: libdrm-2.4.40 release
Libva: libva-1.1.0 release
Vaapi-driver-intel: vaapi-driver-intel-1.0.19 release
Cairo: cairo 1.12.4 release
(xserver-1.13.0 is tested with this stack)

Check Download page for where to get the source git tree.

Highlighted new features

New features: basic 2D and 3D Haswell support with all the PCI IDs, ValleyView support, OpenGL support for Haswell, hardware accelerated video decoding, and encoding for Haswell. Since the last release, there were major improvements and bug fixes in all the areas of our drivers. The following list contains some of the important highlights for features and bug fixes.

Read complete Release Notes.

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