Intel13 Dec 2012 10:01 am

Many people thinks that it is difficult to report a bug found at Intel Graphics Stack. It is not.

  1. Forget about difficult how-tos and tutorials.
  2. Get latest Intel GPU Tools from git://
  3. Compile it: ./; make;
  4. Reboot your machine adding drm.debug=0xe log_buf_len=4194304 to Kernel cmd line.
  5. Run: sudo ./tools/intel_gpu_abrt
  6. Get intel_gpu_abrt.tar and template generated and publish it at at the correct category:
    • For 2D driver bug: Product=xorg. Component=Driver/intel.
    • For 3D driver bug: Product=Mesa.
    • For chipset i8xx/i915/i945/Q33/G33/Q35: Component=Drivers/DRI/i915.
    • For chipset i965/G35 and later: Component=Drivers/DRI/i965.
    • For DRM kernel bug: Product=DRI. Component=DRM/Intel.
    • For Libva bug: Product=libva. Component=intel

I expect to remove steps 2 and 3 once my new changes arrives at your Linux distribution.

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