Intel11 Jul 2013 03:57 pm

I’m glad to share that 2013Q2 Intel Linux Graphics Stack was released this week at

The 2013Q2 highlights are: bug fixes, performance improvements, new hardware-accelerated media encoding formats, and additional hardware-accelerated video processing features.

On the last releases we are trying to improve the release notes adding more and more useful information highlighting new features and critical fixed bugs. But if you follow all release notes you probably noticed that at this time there is a mix between technical info with Marketing names and information in an easy language for non technical users. This is a reflex of new kind of users accessing website we got after we provided 1 click installer tool that allows even non technical end users to upgrade their Intel graphics stack to the latest one available.

If you have any comments or suggestions about how to improve stack release, release notes or installer don’t be shy and use our Forum.

We are now working to release next Installer version soon that will allow  users to upgrade their Fedora 19 or Ubuntu 13.04 to our 2013Q2 stack.


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