Intel02 Jul 2015 12:19 pm

This release brings new features and many fixes for all platforms. As usual this Release Notes highlight most important features and bug fixes and also list all known issues. The 2015Q2 highlights are:

  • Execlists and full PPGTT enabled by default on all platforms that supports it: Broadwell, Skylake and Cherryview/Braswell.
  • Cherryview/Braswell is out of preliminary_hw_support protection what means it achieved good stability and confidence levels.

Another important thing to highlight this quarter is that we published Hardware specifications for Broadwell and Cherryview/Braswell:

Linux Kernel – 4.0.4

Mesa – 10.6.0
xf86-video-intel – 2.99.917
Libdrm – 2.4.60
Libva – 1.6.0
vaapi intel-driver – 1.6.0
Cairo – 1.14.2
Xorg Xserver – 1.17.1
Intel-gpu-tools – 1.11
Linux Kernel for Upcoming Platforms (BSW and SKL) – drm-intel-testing
For more details read the full release notes:


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