Impressions and INdT and Mamona26 Jul 2007 10:37 am

Today I read an email from Quim Gil where he was saying that a distro is a lot more than code, there are humans around it.

I completely agree with him. But I’d like to add that in a distro there are human believes, human expectations and human sweat.

There is no distro without believe. When someone decide to make a new distro he believes that it will be someway useful and somehow better than others that already exists. So this guy (or company) expects to do something with his distro. He expects to fill a need. After this job was started people start to believe (or not) and to expect something of his work.

I’ve already heard “Why there are too many Linux distributions? It is so complex, why don’t you join efforts and code just one distro?”, but the answer for that is quite simple: Humans are complex. We have different needs, different expectations and different believes so we code different distributions. It is completely normal.

But, there is no free lunch. Code a new and different distribution isn’t a very easy job. You need to work hard, and every help are welcome. Mainly from those who believes.

What I want and need to say is that if you believe and expect something of this new distribution, please, contribute. This kind of contribution that makes the free software community even better.

Finaly I’d like to say that I believe in Mamona, I expect that mamona will be used by community as a completely Open Source alternative and I’m working hard to code Mamona.

For those that don’t know yet:

Mamona is a completely open source distribution for arm that intends to be an useful and open SDK for Maemo platform. Running a simple chroot command you will easily have a complete arm distribution running in your pc emulated by QEMU (user-mode emulation).

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