Collabora and Impressions and Maemo27 Jul 2010 02:50 pm

The N900 is the cellphone that I’m using since last December and I simply love it. No I’m not a Nokia fun boy, I let this kind of behavior for those who loves design despite of usability, connectivity, reliability, etc..

Well, but as the title suggests this post is just for the N900 users ;)

As you should know the weakness of this device is the battery when you use so much 3G, wifi, bluetooth and GPS. I have to recharge my device every single night to be sure that I’ll have enough power for the whole next day.

At least I had, before to find out the Autodisconnect tool. You configure it to disconnect everything that is not really being used and is saves battery.

Well it doesn’t do any miracle but at least nowadays I can forget to recharge one night without being worried during the next day.

OBS: I’m not a Autodisconnect tool developer and to be honest I’ve never seen its code. This is just a tip for the users.

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