Intel08 Dec 2012 09:20 am


Kernel: Linux 3.6.5 release
3D driver: mesa 9.0.1 release
2D driver: xf86-video-intel 2.20.12 release
Libdrm: libdrm-2.4.40 release
Libva: libva-1.1.0 release
Vaapi-driver-intel: vaapi-driver-intel-1.0.19 release
Cairo: cairo 1.12.4 release
(xserver-1.13.0 is tested with this stack)

Check Download page for where to get the source git tree.

Highlighted new features

New features: basic 2D and 3D Haswell support with all the PCI IDs, ValleyView support, OpenGL support for Haswell, hardware accelerated video decoding, and encoding for Haswell. Since the last release, there were major improvements and bug fixes in all the areas of our drivers. The following list contains some of the important highlights for features and bug fixes.

Read complete Release Notes.

Intel29 Jul 2012 11:27 am
SSG guys at FISL13 - DRD and OTC

SSG guys at FISL13 - DRD and OTC


FISL 13 has ended.

It was a great opportunity to show Intel has Open Source Software Development here in Brasil. We started this team in Brasil one year ago and we are growing now.
But more important than that it was to show how Intel is committed with Open Source Upstream development.

Besides OTC team, new DRD (Developer Relationship Division) it was there showing the amazing developer partnership programs Intel has.
If you haven’t create your developer profile yet, please go to and do it now!

Intel and Português28 Jul 2012 06:27 am

- en -

Here are the slides I used at FISL13: FISL13-GCC

The first slide is a tribute to Eugeni Dodonov. A good friend and a great developer that will be missed by everybody.

Special thanks to that has made all benchmarks used in this presentation.

- pt-br -

Aqui estão os slides usados no FISL: FISL13-GCC

O primeiro slide é uma homenagem ao bom amigo e grande desenvolvedor que irá deixar saudades.

Muito obrigado ao que fez todos os benchmarks aqui apresentados.

Obrigado também a todo mundo que compareceu tanto na palestra como no stand.

Impressions27 Mar 2012 12:23 pm

The easiest way of using git behind a proxy is using tsocks. It is just Straightforward:

1 – Install tsocks

2 – Configure tsocks by creating a /etc/tsocks.conf like this:

local = <localnet>/
server = proxy_ip
server_type = 5
server_port = proxy_port

3 – Use it:

$ tsocks git pull

Just that!

I had also tried the proxy using the GIT_PROXY_COMMAND=”/usr/bin/proxy-wrapper

where proxy-wrapper is

nc -xproxy_addreess:proxy_port -X5 $*

But IMHO tsocks is more convenient because it is not needed to set and unset GIT_PROXY_COMMAND every time.


Impressions and Intel09 Mar 2012 12:52 am







OSTS 2012 has ended and it’s time to say goodbye. Tomorrow I’m getting the flight back to Brasil with the ” Mission accomplished” feeling.

I cannot say that this was the best conference ever because it is difficult to overcome the dead Bossa Conference. However there were so many great presentations, talks and important meetings happening here. It was an amazing Conference in a Wonderful place.

And the most important part was to put faces to the irc/emails nicknames after 7 months working here.

Nice to meet you face to face guys! I hope to see you soon.

Impressions and Intel09 Mar 2012 12:25 am

I was going to start this post with a yet another “back to blogging” phrase, but this is already becoming a cliche here, so I’ m starting just telling that I’m not doing any promises at this time and also telling what to not to expect here since this is the first post after I’ve joined Intel’s Linux Graphics Team .

  • Don’ t expect regular posts.
  • Don’ t expect Intel’s Linux Graphics Status and Updates. Eugeni is already doing this job very well on his blog.
  • Don’ t expect Intel’s news
  • Don’ t expect Performance Status or Benchmarks. Phoronix already does it vey well.

So, to finish this “first” post I’d like just to mention that the new front page’s picture is just a part of our new OTC-BR lab!

Collabora and Impressions and Intel and Maemo27 Jul 2011 07:11 am

During the last 2 years I worked for Collabora having Nokia as my client. There I was part of the Harmattan Product Performance Team working with Maemo/MeeGo for N9 and N950.


The N9 and N950 has been announced. They are just perfect. An amazing design with a great system. Now that I’m sending my proto back I’m already looking forward to receive my N950 dev kit to continue working with it.

I’m also praying for Nokia giving up on M$ and continue working with MeeGo! ;)


Collabora was one of the greatest things that ever happened in my life. It is the biggest open source consultancy company based in Cambridge-UK with developers spread all over the world. They are well prepared and organized to have developers doing their best from any part of the world, mainly from their home offices.

Thanks for everything collabora family. I’m going to miss you.

But now it is time for change.


Next Monday – Aug 1st I’m starting at Intel being part of graphics development team. I promise that I’ll continue posting on this blog some news about my work there.

No, it wont be necessary to leave São Paulo. I’ll continue living on this huge city going everyday to Intel’s office here located at Market Place.

Collabora and Impressions and Maemo and MeeGo24 May 2011 09:15 am

I’m here in San Francisco attending the MeeGo Conference. As always it is good to meet and keep in touch with old friends and also meet new interesting people.

Unfortunately no mobile phone running meego was released as expected. But anyway I’m sure that MeeGo has a great future. By Now I’m installing the just released MeeGo Developer Edition in my N900.

If you are here come to Collabora Booth see our demos and drink some coke with us. Follow us in twitter @collaborameego and/or #collaborameego.

But if you aren’t here you can see some presentations at Enjoy it.

Collabora and Impressions and MeeGo05 Jan 2011 09:35 am

Yes, 2010 was a happy year for me although I didn’t write here as much as I’d like to!

So I’ll summarize the 2010 year here.

Social Networks

Be cool. I won’t write an “emo” post telling you how much I love my wife and how happy I am living with her here in São Paulo. This kind of stuff I write on my Facebook!

Well, this is my first news. During last year I came back to the social network world joining Orkut back, Facebook, Twitter (second attempt). So if you are interested follow me there: vivijim


In 2010 I could attend some conferences:

  • Linuxcon BrasilSão Paulo/Brasil – At this one I was a speaker with the following presentation:  Linux Maturity in the Mobile and Service Market: Towards Domination! - The presentation was good,  I could start some interesting discussion around Linux, Maemo and Meego maturity but it was hard to compete with the Jon Corbet that was presenting Linux Kernel news at the same time and even more difficult to speak right after Linus Torvalds and Jim Zemlin, the Executive Director of The Linux Foundation that gave a very passionate Linux presentation. In summary this conference was very good. Much better than I was expecting. Now I’m looking forward the next Linuxcon Brasil!
  • AkademyTampere/Finland – This conference was also very good and better than I was expecting. The most interesting part was seeing many friends giving very good presentations and talk and share ideas with them and with the great minds of KDE world.
  • QtDevDaysMunich/Germany – Collabora was sponsor of this great conference. This conference was the best. It is not just a conference but also has some training sessions that are really good. It was great to see and learn how powerful QML is. I’ve started to use QML after this conference. This is a kind of conference that you learn, practice and come back home with your head full of new ideas and insights.  Unfortunately I didn’t come home with an N8 as my friends that won the dinner’s competition. I envy you guys! :P
  • Meego ConferenceDublin/Ireland – Although I didn’t come back from qtdevdays with an N8 I came from Meego Conference with an Intel Ideapad, which is a great tablet. Everybody was attending the conference got one! Besides that the conference was good. There were many people and companies there interested in use meego in TVs and Cars! Great!


During last year, 2010, I fully worked for Collabora as part of a Nokia’s team. The product performance team that takes care of the performance of next Nokia Linux products. It was a great year. Great Job!

In my free time I played with Maemo/MeeGo and QML:

  • hidecallerid – This is a Maemo 5 Qt widget that stay in the N900 desktop allowing you to easily hide the caller id before call. with few clicks. This is already published in the garage However I didn’t add it to extras-devel repository yet because it depends on a new version of telepathy. I also intend to pack this new telepathy version and add to garage… But i didn’t have so much free time to do that yet…
  • bubble – A simple QML game that I started to do. The purpose was only learn QML.
  • infoaero – A simple QML widget that shows the status of Infraero airports. I just started but there is nothing working and nothing to be published yet.
  • daiden – A simple QML app that will help my wife to control her daily finance being a dentist.


From last promise I’ve made here in this blog I couldn’t accomplish only 1 item: Write a post about simplifying memory measurement.

My promisses for 2011 are:

  • write the post about simplifying memory measurement
  • finish and properly publish those qml apps
  • write more here

Happy  2011, with many conferences and much work for all of us!

Collabora and Impressions and MeeGo29 Sep 2010 05:11 pm

MeeGo running on my N900

Yesterday I got the MeeGo running on my N900 and for my surprise I could make a phone call with it.

Well, it is not stable yet. It is slow and sometimes the phone call doesn’t work. When I receive one call it shows a blinking phone picture but it doesn’t really ring and it is not possible to answer it yet.

So, for now I will continue using my Maemo but with a dual boot trying to help get it running properly.

How to install it

  • Get the N900 flasher
  • Get Meego rootfs and kernel:
  • Prepare the SD Card:
    bunzip meego-handset-armv7l-n900acceptance-
    sudo dd if=meego-handset-armv7l-n900acceptance- of=/dev/<your usb stick> # sdb in my case. Check it carefully with dmesg
  • Flash the kernel:
    sudo ./flasherRn -k meego-handset-armv7l-n900acceptance- -fR

Tips & Tricks

  • Dual Boot:
  • USBNet

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